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Beginning Book List

Storing here a short list of books at the local library that I want to review over the next year.

Being Mortal Chapter 2: Things Fall Apart, Part 1

In this chapter, Gawande explains some of the physical effects of aging on our bodies from a medical perspective. It was both difficult and eye-opening to read; difficult to realize that many of these changes will soon become manifest in my own life, and eye-opening to understand what causes these changes.

I’m Doing a Thing

I realized today that I have to start thinking in a concrete way about self promotion. This after it dawned on me that I’ll be doing a thing tomorrow and I haven’t told anyone! [insert crying/laughing emoji here]

From the Browser Tabs: Cohousing and Kids

Cohousing fascinates me. I went to an informational meeting for a local cohousing community that broke ground just a few years ago. I’d never heard of such a thing and it seems amazing. If I could afford to buy one of their available units, I’d seriously consider it because I love the idea of communal living even if I’m also leery of communal living. This month’s article...

Being Mortal Chapter 1: The Independent Self

In chapter 1, Gawande compares the aging experiences of two individuals. His grandmother-in-law grew old independently in America, living alone and providing for herself into her 80’s. Meanwhile Gawande’s grandfather lives co-dependently to the age of 110 in a pre-modern Indian province. I call his grandfather’s living situation co-dependent because while he lived with one of his sons and his...

Being Mortal: Introductory Thoughts

I finished reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande last year. Having set it aside for a few weeks, my next task is to read it again and record my initial, somewhat random, thoughts and questions from each chapter. These will provide a starting point to organize and expand on my ideas and reflections about the book. Below are my takeaways from the Introduction.

Project Post: Articles of Interest

I began clicking on articles about end-of-life questions and elder care several years ago. Sometimes I read them right away, and sometimes they sit in my browser tabs for a few weeks before I have the capacity to read and reflect on them.

8 things to sign that aren’t vodka bottles

A Friday Fun post.
I learned a former NFL player will be in town this weekend, and one thing he’ll do is spend a few hours at the local grocery store signing bottles of vodka from his current business. Which strikes me as silly. Hence this post.

Copyedit the World: Evita

Today I visited  Wikipedia’s featured articles page, which explained how these articles are judged to be some of the best Wikipedia has to offer, and are used by editors as writing examples. This demonstrates not only that styles and goals differ, but also how multiple passes can provide additional insights on ways to improve or streamline content. Today’s editing exercise comes from...

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